Bubble film is one of the most recognised protective packaging products on the market today. Jiffy bubble film offers an economical, effective solution for void filling, interleaving, wrapping and cushioning.
Our range of excellent quality, small and large bubble products include co-extruded films, laminations and converted products.
Although it may look like an ordinary material, we manufacture using advanced technology which incorporates a layer of barrier film. The process seals each air pocket, reducing air escape, giving longer lasting protection and performance. Suitable for both heavy and lightweight items on longer storage or journey cycles.
Available in large and small bubble with slit and perforation options to suit your requirements and can be extruded in widths up to 2500mm.
Available in rolls, pouches and sheets.
Anti-static and laminated products are also available.
Jiffy Green Bubble
Made with a minimum 50% recycled materials, Jiffy Green is fully recyclable and is coloured green. Available in a variety of widths, this environmentally friendly option is available in small cell size and has all the features of a quality bubble.
Converted Bubble Products
Jiffy has extensive conversion facilities and years of experience. We are able to convert our bubble products and bubble laminations into a variety of value added products. Our converted product options offer ease of use, portion control and tailor made protection suitable for a number of applications and industries. Our range of stock bubble pouches or bespoke converted products can be used for retail, commercial and industrial applications. Products avaliable include stock sized and bespoke sized pouches, sleeves and cut sheets.