WINSFORD, UK (14th June 2018) - As one of the leading businesses in Cheshire, Winsford based Jiffy Packaging received a coveted invitation to join Her Majesty The Queen who was accompanied by The Duchess of Sussex, when the royal party visited the county today (14th June).


WINSFORD, UK (2nd May2017) - Jiffy Packaging has been named in the Business Superbrands® listings for 2017.
Superbrands® is a listing of the UK’s strongest brands published annually since 1995. The brands are chosen by an Expert Council of B2B marketing experts and 2,500 individual business professionals from across the UK*.


WINSFORD, UK (29th February 2016) - A programme of brand protection, launched by Jiffy Packaging last summer to protect the coveted Jiffy brand name, has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of products sold under the Jiffy name, but not actually manufactured by the company.

The team at Jiffy started by targeting Ebay sellers who were either innocently or deliberately passing off the Jiffy name by listing products ‘Jiffy Bags’ which were not Jiffy products at all.

At the start of the campaign approximately seventy percent of products being sold on a page on the online marketplace as Jiffy products were not actually Jiffy products. Following the clampdown this figure has dropped to less than twenty percent.

WINSFORD, UK (18th November 2015) – Jiffy Packaging is this week launching a series of product snapshot films, 

aimed at enhancing the market’s understanding of Jiffy’s extensive range.

The seven films cover Jiffy Bubble Film, Jiffy Foam, AirKraft®, MailMiser®,
Superlite®, Earth Aware® and the Jiffy Padded Bag®.

Jiffy manufactures a wide range of high quality, market leading products and the films focus on the USPs, and features and benefits of each, allowing buyers and
specifiers to make appropriate choices.

WINSFORD, UK (6th October 2015) - Jiffy Packaging has unveiled a new fleet of striking branded trailers which illustrate the breadth of Jiffy’s product range.

Created under the guidance of Jiffy’s sales and marketing director, Fiona MacDougall, the twelve new trailers feature a high impact design which showcases products including Jiffy’s bubble film, bubble lined mailers, sheet and technical foams.


Speaking about the new trailers, MacDougall said, “We wanted to create a design which was at once visually stimulating and communicated our wide and varied portfolio to illustrate we're much more than a manufacturer of Jiffy mailing bags.


WELLEN, BELGIUM (14 August 2015) – Jiffy Packaging Europe announces today that it will divest its Systems Division. The division, which focuses on Air Cushion Technology and Foam-in-Place Systems, will be acquired by Ripac GmbH from Grevenbroich, Germany as of August 15, 2015.
Since 2008, Jiffy Packaging and Ripac have been closely co-operating on the supply of film for the Systems division. Continuity for our customers will be guaranteed, as all Systems employees will transfer to Ripac and will operate from their existing locations.
Speaking about this announcement, Jiffy CEO Mark Köllmann says, “It is our aim to become one of the leading European manufacturers of polyolefin foam and bubble film and to do this we need to remain focused. This divestment forms part of our strategy to achieve that objective.”
WINSFORD, UK (10th July 2015) – Jiffy Packaging’s Earth Aware® packaging has been named as a runner up in the inaugural Sustainability Awards 2015, run by Packaging Europe magazine.
The awards celebrate the packaging industry’s latest and most innovative solutions to reducing environmental impact.
Earth Aware® was shortlisted in the Best Material Innovation category.
Speaking about the awards, Tim Sykes, editor of Packaging Europe said, “…we have been awed at the industry’s achievements and its genuine commitment to substantive progress towards reducing environmental impacts. At the same time, we have been a little overwhelmed at the task of picking out winners from a wide and deep field of impressive innovations and initiatives.”
WINSFORD, UK (9th July 2015) – Following the announcement of Jiffy Packaging’s acquisition by Airpack, S.p.A we are delighted to reveal the first phase of a new investment programme, teased as ‘the Jiffy secret’.
The multi-million pound investment in state of the art extrusion technology will allow us to create mass market penetration.
The new technology will manufacture polyethylene foam in a variety of thicknesses.
From thin section foam for interleaving and surface protection, and thicker foams for cushioning and wrapping, to even thicker section foams for impact protection and
WINSFORD, UK (8th May 2015) – Jiffy Packaging has expanded their portfolio with the introduction of a new mailer to add to their already respected mailer range.
The Jiffy Superlite® is a foam lined, fully laminated, non-abrasive, light-weight mailer. The high quality mailers are also compact allowing 100% extra per box, meaning reduced handling, storage and distribution costs.

WINSFORD, UK (6th May 2015) – Cheshire-based Jiffy Packaging last year celebrated its 50th anniversary in the UK. In May 2014 the business was acquired by Airpack, S.p.A, from Pregis Corporation marking a step change in the company’s future.

Jiffy’s new owners have set about the implementation of an investment programme to accelerate the company’s growth and develop innovative new products for new markets. From their factory and headquarters in Winsford, Cheshire, Jiffy manufactures their iconic Jiffy Padded Bag and Jiffy bubble film as well as a wide range of protective packaging products including speciality foams and bubble laminates.

The company will be announcing a new multi-million pound investment later this year as well as product innovations and believes that they will grow their market share on the back of these initiatives.