WINSFORD, UK (9th July 2015) – Following the announcement of Jiffy Packaging’s acquisition by Airpack, S.p.A we are delighted to reveal the first phase of a new investment programme, teased as ‘the Jiffy secret’.
The multi-million pound investment in state of the art extrusion technology will allow us to create mass market penetration.
The new technology will manufacture polyethylene foam in a variety of thicknesses.
From thin section foam for interleaving and surface protection, and thicker foams for cushioning and wrapping, to even thicker section foams for impact protection and
Extruding at an impressive 2.5m wide, with in-line lamination, winding and slitting capabilities, this new technology will enhance Jiffy’s position as a leading
manufacturer of protective packaging foam in the UK.
And, with added capacity, greater flexibility and the quality that is known and expected of a brand such as Jiffy, we will be exploring new markets and industries.
We will be making further announcements in the coming weeks relating to the second phase of this initial investment that this will create even further opportunities
for our customers. Speaking about Jiffy’s new manufacturing capability, managing director, Max Weller said, “We are delighted to reveal that phase one of our new investment programme is in place, allowing us to bring new products to market.
“We have already been clear about our ambitions to grow and this investment will allow us to accelerate that growth. Jiffy has new owners, new investment and will be
entering new markets.
“And don’t forget that there is more to come when we announce the second phase of this investment.”

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