WINSFORD, UK (8th May 2015) – Jiffy Packaging has expanded their portfolio with the introduction of a new mailer to add to their already respected mailer range.
The Jiffy Superlite® is a foam lined, fully laminated, non-abrasive, light-weight mailer. The high quality mailers are also compact allowing 100% extra per box, meaning reduced handling, storage and distribution costs.
As one would expect from the Jiffy brand, performance is not compromised with the new Superlite® mailer performing equally in drop tests to Jiffy’s well-known Airkraft® mailer.
Fiona MacDougall, Sales and Marketing Director, Jiffy Packaging comments, “It is always exciting to bring a new product to market and that is certainly the case with the Superlite® foam lined mailer. It’s a market differentiator and will offer our distribution partners a competitive advantage which will benefit their businesses.”
“The product exemplifies the Jiffy brand with high performance values owing to its fully laminated foam lining, a strong eco message and clean aesthetics.”
Superlite® is available in introductory sizes 1, 3, 5 and 7 (popular oversized A sizes). This ensures that a wide range of goods can be catered for. For more information visit our website or contact us on 01606 867 200. 

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