WINSFORD, UK (18th November 2015) – Jiffy Packaging is this week launching a series of product snapshot films, 

aimed at enhancing the market’s understanding of Jiffy’s extensive range.

The seven films cover Jiffy Bubble Film, Jiffy Foam, AirKraft®, MailMiser®,
Superlite®, Earth Aware® and the Jiffy Padded Bag®.

Jiffy manufactures a wide range of high quality, market leading products and the films focus on the USPs, and features and benefits of each, allowing buyers and
specifiers to make appropriate choices.

Speaking about the need for the films, Sales & Marketing Director of Jiffy, Fiona
MacDougall, said, “We offer many protective packaging options, therefore, it’s really
important that people have a clear understanding of each product’s unique features,
allowing them to choose the right one for each application.

“We are operating in a digital age and these films offer a communication solution that
allows for easy and immediate access to the facts, and importantly, is shareable
across social media channels.

“As well being available to view on our web site, these films can be emailed making
them a really handy sales tool.”

Over recent years, the industry has seen the launch of many lower cost, unbranded
products which do not share Jiffy’s quality and performance characteristics. This
series of films will help to educate buyers about the technical sophistication of the
Jiffy range.

To view the films, visit or to obtain copies of the films, contact Jiffy on
01606 867200.

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