WINSFORD, UK (29th February 2016) - A programme of brand protection, launched by Jiffy Packaging last summer to protect the coveted Jiffy brand name, has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of products sold under the Jiffy name, but not actually manufactured by the company.

The team at Jiffy started by targeting Ebay sellers who were either innocently or deliberately passing off the Jiffy name by listing products ‘Jiffy Bags’ which were not Jiffy products at all.

At the start of the campaign approximately seventy percent of products being sold on a page on the online marketplace as Jiffy products were not actually Jiffy products. Following the clampdown this figure has dropped to less than twenty percent.

Commenting on the success and importance of the clean up, Fiona MacDougall, Sales and Marketing Director of Jiffy said, “Having been through this process I think we are dealing with two issues. The first is traders using the name generically without the understanding that the Jiffy name is a trademark and therefore needs to be used in an appropriate way – the same way as people refer to ‘Hoover’ when they actually mean vacuum cleaner.

“The second is more intentional with people using this renowned trade name to drive traffic to listings selling non-Jiffy product.”

“We are very pleased with the results of the brand protection initiative, and we will continue the process as we are now looking closely at online sellers in other marketplaces. It is really important that we protect and support our partners and customers who have bought in to the Jiffy brand and everything it stands for.

Jiffy Packaging says it will take legal action against those flagrantly passing off the Jiffy name and brand identity.


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