Super caring foam lined mailer.

Brand new from Jiffy, we are delighted to present the Jiffy Superlite® Mailer.
The newest addition to the respected Jiffy mailer range. Superlite is light weight but strong, due to the fully laminated construction with a caring, non-abrasive foam liner. Available in crisp white, in popular sizes 1,3,5 and 7, perfect for fulfillment, mail order, e-commerce and distribution. An economical mailer for many applications.
Moreover, as well as the clean looking aesthetics of the mailer, and the strength and performance attributes, Superlite has an impressive story to tell with regards to the packing specification. There's 100% extra per box, per pallet and per truckload than regular Jiffy AirKraft mailers. So Superlite is perfect for improved handling, storage and distribution.
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