The range of ProFlex profiles offers surface protection and edge protection to limitless packaging applications. They feature a chemically inert, odourless, clean, closed cell structure with excellent resiliency, flexibility and shape memory. Non-abrasive, ProFlex profiles are an excellent method of protecting delicate parts for a variety of markets and applications.
ProFlex profiles come in L shape and tulip shape.
Available in a wide range of sizes, ProFlex U tulip profiles widely used in a vast array of industries including window and glass distribution, office equipment, consumer electronics and doors and mirrors. Perfect for the distribution of spare parts, furniture and windshields.
ProFlex L
Available in 2 sizes, ProFlex L profiles are ideal for a variety of markets, and are perfect for use in the protection of spare parts, doors and panels, furniture edging, interior fixtures and fittings, and palletised products.
ProFlex U Corners
Available in a variety of sizes, these convenient 90 degree cut pieces protect delicate corners in multiple applications, including picture frames, furniture, point of sale and large format printed items, plus many more.
Extended range now avaiLable:

Straight edge, O Profiles and edge protection for glass - contact us for more details.