Successful product protection is about matching the right packaging material to the application. Low-density polyethylene is extruded to form thousands of tiny cells, each full of air and each cell combining with neighbouring cells to form a non cross linked foam.
Packaging foam is one of the more versatile packaging materials in use today
Jiffy Foam
Packaging foam is a gentle alternative to more traditional types of packaging such as corrugated paper and can be used to protect items that need special care and attention, offering protection from scuffing and abrasion.
Packaging foam is available in a variety of thicknesses, making it extremely versatile and suitable for a multitude of applications from delicate china to concrete blocks, furniture and consumer electronics and any items requiring gentle cushioning or interleaving protection.
Jiffy Foam is available in standard stock sizes, special slits and perforations are available on request.
Converted Foam Products
Converted products are an integral part of the Jiffy product range and the overall service that we offer. Jiffy is able to convert Foam and laminates into a variety of value added products. Converted product options offer ease of use, portion control and tailor made protection suitable for a number of applications and industries.
Converted Product Options
  • Pouches
  • Sleeves
  • Sheets
  • Mini rolls