Foam and Bubble Laminates
Dependent on the substrate, packaging laminations can be used in a huge variety of industries such as automotive, furniture and electronics.
When compared to unlaminated bubble or foam packaging, laminates can offer increased strength and durability with improved presentation.
Bubble and Foam Laminate options:
Jiffy has developed a range of protective furniture wraps, designed specifically to protect items large small, modern and antique, from knocks, scuffs and vibration. Tough, yet cushioning, water resistant and re-usable, the FURNI-range provides the utmost in quality which means more protection for the items you ship, pack and store.
Available in the range:
  • FURNI-soft:  small bubble, laminated to an LDPE film outer, with a gentle, non abrasive inner liner which sits against the furniture
  • FURNI-guard:  small bubble laminate to an LDPE layer, bonded with a simulated paper LDPE on the inner
  • FURNI-kraft: a traditional concept with a modern twist! Small bubble laminated to an LDPE layer, with a smooth machine glazed kraft paper which sits against the furniture surface. Ideal for non-domestic removals
  • FURNI-bond: a lightweight alternative to the FURNI-soft. Small bubble laminated to a gentle, non-abrasive inner liner
Adhesive Bubble Film:
Available in high and low tack options, this is a fast and effective way of wrapping and protecting. Ideal for protecting glass, for the shoulders and arms of upholstered furniture and wrapping around furniture legs. Widely used in the automotive industry to protect body work when being assembled.
Bubble and Foam Laminates:
All bubble and foam can be laminated to the following substrates:
  • Woven scrim
  • Metalised Films
  • Aluminium Films
  • Paper
  • HDPE and LDPE films
  • Coloured and Printed Films
  • Triple layer options available
Envoy Underlay
A wide range of high performance underlays for wood and laminate flooring
It pays to invest in the highest quality of underlay if you want to preserve as best as possible your expensive laminate or parquet and most important of all, to enjoy all the beauty of your new flooring.
The multiple functions of underlay:
  • Reduce sound – common to this type of flooring
  • Create a moisture barrier
  • Make an even base to lay flooring on
  • Can be combined with under floor heating